Saturday, April 02, 2011

i can't grow in shade

photo cred


indifference is grey, and so is a lie
winters near oceans no line marks the sky
grey is paris in the early fall
and the grace of god at the wailing wall

silver is grey, grey at it's best
the feeling of loss and needing to rest
symbols of forever made into a ring
when winter retreats and reinvents spring

concrete angels crouch over the dead
hope is retrieved in a thin silver thread
pain that is chronic is grey so are tears
liquid evidence of sadness and fears

tethered by hope the heave of a sigh
waiting and wishing for time to go by
grey is the colour of my grandmother's hair
i never knew her but i feel her there

inside my body when my spirit is lost
diamonds are grey but not worth the cost
the shades are up and still there's no light
grey is the difference between wrong
and right.


cashier said...

you're amazing.

Keeks said...

This is so fricken beautiful!!!!!